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SIngle layer cakes, perfect for the office party/function + family/friends get together.

Styled with simple edible floral + herbs

Simple to cut + plate up + enjoy!

**At least 48hrs notice please (or email me to check)

**$5 extra for GF/DF options


$50 - feeds approx 6-8

$80 - feeds 12-15

Go for the 'Sheet Cake' on the main shop menu - this feeds up to 40 if you would like a larger single layer cake.


Flavours for December:

1/ Vanilla, cherry cake with cream cheese & strawberry + cherry compote

2/ Gingerbread spice cake drizzled with dark chocolate & thyme caramel

3/ Hummingbird with coconut cream cheese + buckwheat brittle (gf option)

4/ Dark Chocolate berry bramble cake with df chocolate ganache + berries (gf + df + vegan option)

5/ Cinnamon, cardamom + plum cake drizzled with thyme caramel + sprinkled with pistachios (gf option)

6/ Carrot + pineapple + cream cheese with maple roasted nuts (gf option)

7/ Lemon syrup cake with white chocolate meringue buttercream + raspberry syrup (gf option)

Single Layer Cakes

Size of Cake