The Cake Diary 'Sheet Cake' is suited for large groups/catering - perfect for morning & afternoon teas or extra cake to serve at a wedding/birthday party etc

This size will feed approximately up 30-40+ people depending on how big you want to cut each piece.


Measures 15inches x 11inches and is approx 3inches tall (1 Layer) 


Topped with bountiful icing and garnished with homegrown edible flowers, berries & herbs 


**Please email first if you'd like the cake decorated differently  

For gf,df + vegan options please email for price -


LOCAL New Plymouth deliveries only



1/ Hummingbird cake with coconut + maple cream cheese, buckwheat brittle + bee pollen sprinkles - gf option


2/ Organic apple + cinnamon cake with caramel thyme buttercream + ginger & thyme caramel sauce - gf + df option


3/ Lemon, raspberry + white chocolate layered with + lemon myrtle syrup + rosemary lemon curd + white chocolate meringue buttercream - gf option


4/ Vanilla/White Chocolate OR Dark Chocolate berry bramble (blackberries, raspberries + boysenberries) with berry rose geranium compote 

gf + df + vegan option


5/ Chocolate Tiramisu with kahula mascarpone, espresso coffee syrup + cacao nibs - gf option


6/ Lemon & Elderflower liqueur syrup cake with white chocolate buttercream + rosemary lemon curd gf option


7/ Sticky honey chai & Date cake layered with chocolate hazelnut ganache, toffee syrup + sunflower seed praline - gf + df option


8/ Orange Blossom & Strawberry syrup cake with your choice of white chocolate orange buttercream OR dark chocolate orange ganache - gf + df option


9/ Blueberry + chunky choc Banana cake drizzled with natural maple syrup, layered with dark chocolate ganache + coated with vanilla bean marshmallow frosting - gf + df option


10/ Dark Chocolate + verjuice pear cake layered with dark chocolate ganache + a blackberry sage infused compote gf + df + vegan option


11/ Vanilla, black doris plum + maple butter with your choice of white chocolate meringue buttercream OR dark chocolate ganache gf option


12/ Carrot + honeydew cake with coconut cream cheese

& roasted maple nuts gf option


13/ Italian Pistachio cake layered with strawberry green rose syrup + white chocolate meringue buttercream & covered in strawberry meringue gf option


Sheet Cakes

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