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Introducing our latest addition to the cake range - our extra long cakes! Perfect for your next event, these cakes will not only be delicious but also creative and fun for your guests. We offer a range of flavours to choose from, so there is something for everyone's taste buds. Cutting and serving is made easy with this long cake, making it a convenient choice for any occasion.

It is so impressive that you could use it as a table centrepiece, your cake will be one of the highlights of the event!

Loaded with flavour and florals.


Please note we use fresh, spray free flowers on our cake designs. We recommend placing your order for the day of consumption, to ensure your flower decorations look their absolute best.


*Added extras : Choose candles or 'happy birthday' cake topper under 'Add ons' in the main menu


Please email first if you would like the cake decorated differently  


Allergen Statement: All products are made using gluten, wheat, eggs, milk/milk products and soy. Some products contain nuts (Walnuts, almonds, pistachios, pecans) May contain traces of sesame, soy, sulphites or lupins. Whilst I maintain strict cleaning and hygienic procedures, cross contamination may occur.




* Local New Plymouth deliveries only *


The Long Cake

  • All cakes are 3-4 layers high (10-12cm in height)


    12cm x 35cm - choose 1 flavour - caters up to 20 people

    12cm x 70cm - choose up to 2 flavours - caters up to 40 people

    12cm x 100cm - choose up to 3 flavours - caters up to 60 people


    20cm x 70cm - choose up to 2 flavours - caters approx 50 people

    20cm x 100cm - choose up to 3 flavours - caters approx 80 people


    28cm x 75cm - choose up to 2 flavours - caters approx 100 people - enquire for price

    28cm x 115cm - choose up to 3 flavours - caters approx 150 people - enquire for price


    Please enquire for any longer custom cake orders

    For wider cake options to feed a crowd check out our Sheet cakes on the main menu


  • 1/ Chocolate berry bramble - Chocolate cake with chocolate ganache + rose geranium berry compote


    2/ Spiced Apple cake with rich dark sugar roasted apples with thyme caramel sauce and coated in a salty caramel buttercream


    3/ Lemon Cake stacked with white chocolate meringue buttercream, rosemary lemon curd + poached strawberries  


    4/ Banana Cake layered with chocolate ganache & thyme caramel topped with chunky choc chips


    5/ Carrot, pineapple & honeydew cream cheese mousse with maple roasted nuts


    6/ Orange Cake with orange blossom syrup, meringue buttercream + pistachio crumb


    7/ Vanilla Cake with vanilla bean cream cheese icing, boysenberries + thyme caramel


    8/ Lemon cake layered with Limoncello lemon curd & coated with Marshmallow meringue frosting


    9/Belgian slice cake - That's just cake form! Sweet spiced vanilla cake layered with raspberry buttercream and raspberry coulis sprinkled with raspberry jelly crystals

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