Please let us know in comments your intolerance.
Gluten Free
Dairy Free


IMPORTANT **Please let us know in comments if you are Coeliac**



$55 6-8 people

$80 12-15 people

$110 20 people

$160 30 people

$220 40 people

$275 50 people

Chocolate berry bramble - GF/DF/Vegan
Vanilla berry bramble with white chocolate meringue buttercream - GF

Banana + blueberry + maple marshmallow sprinkled with dark chocolate chunks - DF/GF
Hummingbird with cream cheese OR dark chocolate ganache DF/GF

Banana + coffee + thyme caramel with dark chocolate ganache DF/GF

Vanilla + Blueberry + rosemary lemon curd with white chocolate meringue buttercream GF
Carrot + Honeydew with coconut cream cheese and maple roasted nuts GF

Dark chcocolate + Plum with chocolate ganache DF/GF/Vegan

Chocolate + Orange blossom + strawberry compote with chocolate ganache DF/GF/Vegan



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