3 Sizes:

$230 Feeds approx 35+

$290 Feeds approx 50+

$400 Feeds approx 75+


Please choose from the following menu for flavour selection:



1/ Hummingbird cake with coconut + maple cream cheese, buckwheat brittle + bee pollen sprinkles


2/ Organic apple + cinnamon cake with caramel thyme buttercream & thyme caramel sauce


3/ Lemon, raspberry + white chocolate layered with + lemon myrtle syrup + rosemary lemon curd + white chocolate meringue buttercream 


4/ Vanilla/White Chocolate OR Dark Chocolate berry bramble (blackberries, raspberries + boysenberries) with berry rose geranium compote 


5/ Chocolate Tiramisu with kahula mascarpone, espresso coffee syrup + cacao nibs 


6/ Lemon & Elderflower liqueur syrup cake with white chocolate buttercream + rosemary lemon curd 


7/ Sticky honey chai & Date cake layered with chocolate hazelnut ganache, toffee syrup + sunflower seed praline


8/ Orange Blossom & Strawberry syrup cake with your choice of white chocolate orange buttercream OR dark chocolate orange ganache


9/ Blueberry + Banana cake drizzled with natural maple syrup, layered with dark chocolate ganache + coated with vanilla bean + maple marshmallow frosting + choco chunks 


10/ Dark Chocolate + verjuice pear cake layered with dark chocolate ganache + a blackberry sage infused compote


11/ Vanilla, black doris plum + maple butter with your choice of white chocolate meringue buttercream OR dark chocolate ganache 


12/ Carrot + pineapple cake with coconut cream cheese

& roasted maple nuts


13/ Italian Pistachio cake layered with strawberry green rose syrup + white chocolate meringue buttercream & covered in strawberry meringue


14/ Victoria Sponge Cake - naked layer cake layered with double vanilla cream + homemade strawberry jam, top dusted with icing sugar + arrangement of flowers


Note: Edible spray free flowers are used for decoration on all our cakes unless you require it totally plain OR I'm happy to work with your chosen florist for specific flowers to decorate it with.



Please enquire further for larger options OR Allergy friendly options kirstyatthecakediary@gmail.com

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